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Taco / Residential / Viridian Family

Viridian Family

ECM High-Efficiency Wet Rotor Pumps

Built for the job.
Whatever the size, Taco Viridian ECM pumps deliver big savings, improved system efficiency, and very happy customers. For residential applications, the VR1816 features infinitely variable fixed speed or 6 pressure presets to fit your job. The VT2218 Delta-T variable speed circulator is the only temperature-sensing pump in its class and can help save hundreds in fuel costs. The VR3452's extended operating range makes it ideal for chilled and hot water applications. The optional communications module adds a host of features for ultimate flexibility and building system integration. The family is capped off by the VR15 to VR30 models which feature built-in web-enabled convenience. As with all Viridians, set-up is simple, quick, and easy.

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