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HBX Control Systems are designed, engineered and manufactured in Canada to accommodate a wide range of hydronic heating and cooling needs commonly found in today's residential, commercial and industrial design applications. We are an innovative, forward thinking company that can adapt quickly in an ever changing industry. The complete line of HBX products allows for a range of application types including mixing, staging, solar systems, geothermal systems and snowmelt applications.

HBX Control Systems was formed by Curtis Bennett and Tom Hermann in 2002, and began in mechanical rooms all over Alberta testing the first control, the CPU-1000. After developing and testing the concept and functionality, we launched the control in 2005. Soon after, we started working on the ECO-1000 geothermal control which we released in 2007, and we quickly moved into snow melt products in 2008 with the development of the SNO-0110 optical snow melt sensor.

Meeting with great success, we launched our THM thermostats and expanded our product line with the 500 series controls. HBX recently launched the 0550 controls, and have been evolving ever since. With the addition of our wireless outdoor sensor and the Wi-Fi Zoning System in Fall 2015, we are continuing the growth one control at a time.

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