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Hydronic and Hot Water Equipment
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HSC is dedicated to supplying Mechanical Contractor and Engineers with quality commercial hydronic radiant heating/cooling, domestic hot water heating, and solar thermal equipment, as well as supply sump sewage, and pressure boosters. We specialize in Multi-Family projects, ie., condos, low income and senior housing. We provide technical support that sets us apart from our competitors. We are customer oriented, providing products, services, and support that meet the customer's needs, keep in compliance with the new California Energy Codes, and the parameters of the customer's home.

Our mission is to conserve the world's resources by saving energy and water. We are commited to making use of the latest in water conservation equipment. We help in creating net zero energy homes.

HTP Commercial Product Line Card
High Efficiency Water Heaters & Boilers
TACO Brand
Super Efficient Variable Speed Pumps
Thermostats & Hydronic Boiler Controls
Hydronic and Potable Pex A Tubing
Hydronic and Potable Pex A Tubing

Combined PV & Solar Thermal Panels

Solar Thermal Systems

Heating & Cooling Solutions

Heat Pumps/Chillers



GTP Hydronic Feeder Systems
Hydronic Feeder Systems

Control Products and Valves

ASME Expansion Tanks

Residential Finned-Tube Baseboard

Closed Loop System Cleaner

Glycol Anti-freeze

Thermostatic Radiator Controls

Temperature & Pressure Guages

Decor, Euro-style Steel Radiators

Roll Out Foam Radiant Heating Insulation

Open Loop Water Treatment Solutions

Baseboard Heating Products

Modular Radiant Thermal Mass System

Steam Traps & Steam Products

Concrete Barrier Foil

Radiant Floor Panel Heating

Forced Air Fan Coils

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