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  • High capacity
  • Easy to install, rust resistant and easy to clean
  • Available in a variety of lengths from 2 ft. up to 8 ft.
  • Attractive perforated cover design
  • Designed to deliver quiet comfort with performance and style
  • New enhanced scrub board fin design for maximum airflow
  • Superior low temperature performance range

Super Low Temperature Commercial Baseboard For Closed and Open Loop Applications 385 BTU per lineal Ft at 120F Supply Temperature!



High efficiency equipment requires a high efficiency heating element...

Geothermal heat pumps, solar thermal collectors and condensing boilers are all great ways to save energy and reduce fossil fuel usage. all three achieve their highest efficiencies when delivering low temperature water. The challenge faced when it comes to heating effectively with traditional baseboard is that supply water temperatures need to be at least 140°F in order to deliver enough BTUH's to sufficiently heat a space at design temperature. Not so with the Heating Edge HE2 high capacity hybrid element. Because the HE2 has the unique two-pipe design, it is able to deliver comparable BTU's using 90°F water, all in an attractive package.

Heating Edge is perfect for use with the following low temperature heat generators:

Heating Edge™ Features and Benefits

Unique Coil Block System
Convection and radiant combined

- Cover contact to Coil Block provides larger Radiant Surface combined with Conductive Chimneys created by Folder Fins

New Enhanced Fin Design
more surface area; folded in front and back

- Turbulated fin surface
- Deeper collars for maximum mechanical bond
- Extra hold off fold to prevent nesting
- Slightly different shape to maximize turbulated air flow

Two Pipe Design
high capacity outputs; variable piping options

- The only two pipe reverse return product available
- Allows for a variety of piping methods and capacity enhancements (please refer to back cover for performance table)

Three Piece Design

- Eliminates all carriers, brackets, cradles, damper, damper vents and miscellaneous hardware resulting in quiet comfort

Perforated Cover Design

- Perforated holes of less than 1/4" prevent foreign objects from entering Coil Block
- Crayons, pencils and pens will not slip through
- Ideal for children's rooms

Easy to Clean

- Simply cleaned with the pass of a vacuum cleaner
- The healthier alternative

Rust Resistant

- Coil Block constructed of Aluminum and Copper
- Cover and "EZ Hanger" Backplate constructed of 20 gauge steel with a 2-part rust resistant paint with all edges and openings finished and coated
- Withstands the rigors of most bathroom applications

Rugged Exterior

Contact with Coil Block provides added support and rigidity to ensure cover to be dent resistant making the Heating Edge ideal for:

Offices Dormitories Restaurants Children's Rooms
Hospitals Schools Nursing Homes Lobbies
Apartments Assisted Living Facilities    

Performance Notes: All ratings include a 15% heating effect factor - Materials of construction include all aluminum "patented" fins at 47.3 per LF, mechanically bonded to two 3/4" (075) type L copper tubes ("Coil Block") covered by a 20 gauge perforated, painted cover all mounted to a backplate. Please see dimensional drawing for fin shape and dimensions - EAT=65°F - Pressure drop in feet to H2O per LF
All Hawkstone Industries products are performance tested in a BSRIA certified laboratory. The BSRIA is the leading independent UK laboratory for product testing, certification and performance verification.
HE2 Has a perforated cover making it childproof and aesthetically pleasing
Available lengths: 2' 3' 4' 5' 6' 7' 8'
HE-TK The trim kit includes the cover, the back plate and starter strip.
Available lengths: 2' 3' 4' 5' 6' 7' 8'
90° Inside Corner
90° Outside Corner
Splicer 2", 3", 4", 6"
135° Inside Corner
135° Inside Corner
12" End Cap left or right
12" End Cap left or right
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