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ModCon VWH Hot Water Supply Boiler™

The ModCon VWH Hot Water Supply Boiler™ from HTP features an intelligent design that delivers domestic hot water at 94% Thermal Efficiency. The high-grade modulating gas burner operates at a 5 to 1 turndown ratio to meet variable water heating needs. Quality construction, a small footprint, and convenient features make the ModCon Boiler ideal for most commercial water heating applications.

  • Low energy costs – resulting from an ultra high 94% Thermal Efficiency rating
  • High system efficiency even during low load conditions – the modulating burner operates at a 5 to 1 turndown ratio, matching fuel consumption to demand
  • Sized to fit most commercial applications – available in three models, ranging from 300,000 to 850,000 BTUs
  • Built-in cascading capability – a built-in sequencer allows up to eight units to be linked together, providing increased turndown ratios, built-in redundancy, and a total water heating capacity of up to 6,800,000 BTUs.
  • Small footprint – a sturdy frame and adjustable leveling feet enable units to be double-stacked, making it possible to fit a high output water heating system within a small space
  • Optimum serviceability – a removable front cover provides service technicians easy access to components
  • Quality components – an extremely durable 316L stainless steel heat exchanger boasts excellent heat transfer properties and resists corrosion
  • Lightweight construction – facilitates faster and easier field installation
  • Excellent venting options – can use PVC, CPVC, or stainless steel pipe, with vent lines up to 200 feet total equivalent length
  • Convenient control interface – a numeric control panel and LED lights display operational statuses, while an integrated USB connection allows boiler history to be displayed on a computer
  • Warranty – 5 year limited warranty
  • Eligible for utility company rebates – based on high efficiency ratings

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