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This page is dedicated to presenting products of special interest to plumbers. Now, in this time of drought, there is a greater need than ever before for new and retrofit products and services that can conserve water and energy. Please call us to discuss all your plumbing needs.


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Elite XL VWH
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NX model

Electric, solar & gas-fired large capacity water heaters, DI water heaters, stainless steel and cement lined tanks.

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Packaged pressure booster systems & hvac skid packages.

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ASME bladder expansion tanks, non-code diaphragm tanks for potable water, hydronic specialties.

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Expansion joints, flex connection, seismic for pumps and motors.

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Plate Concepts

Plate & Frame heat exchangers.

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Brazed plate heat exchangers.

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Flatplate all-copper absorber solar collectors. 

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Temperature and pressure gauges.

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Closed loop system cleaner & conditioner, magnetic chemical feeder/filter. (move toHydronic Commercial and Hydronic Residential)

Open loop heat exchanger cleaner


Hydronic Room Commercial

Wilo Pumps

Product Line

Built for the job. Whatever the size, Taco Viridian ECM pumps deliver big savings, improved system efficiency, and very happy customers. For residential applications, the VR1816 features infinitely variable fixed speed or 6 pressure presets to fit your job.
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Aquamotion Recirculation Pumps

The small, silent pump attaches to hot and cold water lines in the cabinet under the most remote kitchen or bath fixture. When activated, the cool water that normally runs down the drain is recirculated back to the water heater through the cold water line. When the hot water arrives at the faucet, the pump automatically shuts off to prevent pumping excess hot water into the cold water line.
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Hubbell Electric Water Heaters

Water heaters for residential, marine, commercial, and even industrial. Durable components, financial savings, available in a wide range of gallon sizes.
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Hydronic Room Residential