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The Barrier
Underslab Insulation

Barrier is a premium EPS foam roll out  insulation and vapor barrier for use under radiant slab systems that is pennies per square feet more in cost than reflective slab insulation , less costly than rigid foam board while providing a certified superior ASTM R-4 rating and better features.

This flexible, recycled EPS foam product with dual vapor barriers provides all the simplicity of installation associated with reflective and tarp insulation products with far superior compression, performance and puncture ratings. Barrier is available in 240 sq ft rolls with both the standard 3/8”, ¾” and 1-1/4" products. Both products come with the patented self taping edges that speeds installation and reduce thermal bridging

Barrier is stocked regionally in Oakland, CA. for immediate dlivery. Call 800 493 8432 and indicate which wholesaler in California or Nevada from whom you would like to purchase the product.

Barrier Installation: 3 Easy Steps

Unroll 4' x 60' flexible EPS foam rolls

Seal using NOFP's patented self-taped seams

Pour - Work directly on durable surface

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