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Ecowarm Radiant Floor Panel Heating System

Radiant Floor Heating System

Ecowarm Radiant Floor Panel Heating


  • Efficiently delivers heat to its top layer quickly for high-performance by using a thermodynamically appropriate thickness of conductive aluminum
  • Accelerates rapidly so set back thermostats can be used
  • Only uses quality materials that are as green and environmentally responsible as possible
  • All Ecowarm and materials are made in USA
  • Has a slightly undercut groove for tubing retention
  • Ecowarm is fast and easy to install
  • Sold online and shipped factory direct to you for low cost
  • It’s cost combined with the above features make it the best value

Ecowarm is a lightweight, quick responding, low thermal mass system best known for its ideal mixture of performance and cost making it the best value in the industry.

Ecowarm is a modular radiant board designed to be used in new construction and remodeling over a sub-floor or when properly installed, over cement. It creates the pathway into which 1/2? ASTM F 876-877 PEX tubing is placed. When warm water is pumped through the tubing, it then rapidly provides luxurious silent even heat. It can be used under almost any floor covering.. Typically the board is applied over the 80% to 90% of a project that is not under stairs or cabinets. The board has 2 patterns; straight and combo that can be laid out and installed by means of construction adhesive combined with screws or cross stapling as recommended in the Installation Manual. Please download our 40 page Installation Manual which contains installation instructions and numerous floor assembly details. 
ECOWARM is manufactured under US Patent 6,533,185 and patents are pending.

A Green Product

FSC® certification means that Ecowarm is made of sustainably harvested FSC certified top quality Plywood and our manufacturing facility is FSC certified and audited as a manufacturer. The aluminum contains recycled material and is bonded with a low VOC glue.

Ecowarm Benefits

The small thermal mass and conductive aluminum laminate provide fast recovery allowing the heat to be dispersed quickly. The high acceleration of Ecowarm permits the use ofsetback thermostats saving fuel and adding comfort. Conventional 1 ?” Gypcrete or concrete take four times as long to respond making the use of set-back thermostats impractical.The small thermal mass and conductive aluminum laminate provide fast recovery allowing the heat to be dispersed quickly.