Introducing the New Viridian VR1816 Circulator

TACO VR1816The VR1816 is an Infinitely Variable Speed, ECM, High-efficiency Delta-P, (Differential Pressure), circulator that can operate in 3 different modes:

  • Infinitely Variable Fixed Speed (min/max) — Ideal for zoning with circs, fine tune to GPM required
  • Constant Pressure, Variable Speed — Best suited for zone valve jobs
  • Proportional Pressure, Variable Speed — Best suited for panel radiators with thermostatic radiator valves (TRV's)

The VR1816 competes directly with all other
Delta-P circulators including Grundfos Alpha,
Wilo Stratos ECO, Armstrong Compass
and Xylem ecoAuto.

Other key features include:

  • Performance range of 18 feet shut-off head
    and 16 gpm max flow
  • Easy to use selector dial to change the
    operating mode to match system design
  • Multi-color LED's indicate operating mode
    or error code diagnostics
  • Power range from 4–44 watts
  • Innovative BIO Barrier® protects the pump
    from system contaminants
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Unique Sure Start automatic unblocking
    and air purging mode
  • Nut-capture feature on flanges
  • Dual electrical knockouts
  • Integral Flow Check (IFC®) included


    VR1816 Orders accepted now — Available for shipment February 26, 2015

    Click here for a PDF of the VR1816 Brochure

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